Livestock Weighing Systems

Livstock Scales with 2000kg Weighbars

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Thunderbird livestock scales with included 2000kg weighbars.
Thunderbird model SS1000 scales.
Main Features -
Giant LCD display, easy to operate, fast and accurate, weighing,
4 weighing modes including 2 livestock modes to capture moving weights.
Sealed keypad.
Very easy to use.
Low power auto off function.
Compatible with all load bars.
This indicator does not have an internal battery, and you need to supply a 12v battery to operate.
Please note: these scales are not suitable for attaching to a computer or NLIS tag reader. If you need these features, please consider the ES6000 model.
2 year warranty
Note: Scales, platforms and sheep crates are sent by road freight. You will need to include a delivery address in the nearest large town where somebody is available all day during working hours to accept and sign for delivery.

Thunderbird PS3000 Livestock Scales

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The very popular Thunderbird PS3000 indicators with 2000kg weigh bars.
Giant Screen displays statistics - number weighed, min, max, total and average weights, 5 drafting ranges, internal rechargeable battery, auto tally, lock (hold) facility.
4 weighing modes.
Try buying other brands of scales at this price. These are a quality product made by a respected Australian company that excels in the design and manufacture of professional livestock scales and electric fencing products. And, they stand behind their scale systems with a 2 year warranty!
Main features -
Micro Controller PS3000 Digital Indicator with advanced features.
Giant screen LCD
5 way drafting
Detailed statistics
Internal rechargeable battery
Auto tally and many more
large easy to use function keypad, well spaced tactile movement keys
5 drafting ranges low - mid low - mid - mid high - high.
4 weighing modes to choose from.
Low power auto off function
2 livestock modes for capturing moving weights
Super large 40 mm digital display - also continuously displays weigh mode etc Kilograms or Pounds (LB) displayed
Adaptable to different load bar capacities.
2 separate weigh bar systems can be calibrated independently so that the one indicator can be used in 2 locations, on different load bar capacities
Auto Tally - automatically adds weights to statistics
Auto Memory - remembers weight, does not zero when turned on.
Hold Function - locks display after animal leaves platform
Automatic drafting option - up to 5 ways
Statistics - average, min, max, total and number weighed. Individual statistics on each weight range.
Point set weighing option - can switch relays at target weights
Internal rechargeable battery and mains charger (can also be charged from car battery)
Diagnostic function - 37 messages
Buzzer to aid operation !
Suitable for sheep crates, cattle platforms, goat and pig crates (these are not included in price)
Please note: we don’t consider these scales suitable for attaching to a computer or NLIS tag reader. If you need these features, please consider the ES6000 model.