Cydectin Eweguard 6 in 1 Vaccine and Wormer for Sheep 500 ml


For the prevention of five clostridial diseases and cheesy gland, and the treatment and control of internal parasites, nasal bot and itchmite.

Please note:  All Vaccines are sent the fastest way possible (Now with Toll Overnight) with ice packs.  Vaccines are mainly sent on a Monday if they have to be sent interstate. The Farmers Mailbox does not take responsibility for the late arrival of any Vaccine once it has been dispatched as it is  beyond our control.

COMPOSITION: Moxidectin 5g/L


C. pseudotuberculosis 1.0 U/mL – cheesy gland
CI. perfringens type D 5.0 IU/mL – enterotoxaemia
CI. chauvoei EP ??IU/mL - blackleg
CI. septicum 2.5 IU/mL – malignant oedema
CI. novyi type B 3.5 IU/mL – black disease
CI. tetani 2.5 IU/mL - tetanus

WHAT IS CYDECTIN® EWEGUARD: Contains moxidectin – the most potent ML Broad spectrum roundworm control

  • At least 21 days persistent activity against barber’s pole worm
  • Up to 21 days persistent activity against small brown stomach worm
  • Ideal for highly contaminated pastures
  • Contains 6-in-1 vaccine


Cydectin® Eweguard SE must be injected subcutaneously.
For animals up to 50kg liveweight give 2mL subcutaneously
For animals 51-62 kg liveweight give 2.5mL subcutaneously
For animals 63-75 kg liveweight give 3mL subcutaneously
For animals above this weight, administer at the rate of 1mL/25 kg


Meat: 28 days
Milk: DO NOT USE in lactating ewes where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption.
ESI: 28 days
Liquid: 500mL


Store between 2ºC and 8ºC. Refrigerate. DO NOT FREEZE. Protect from light. Once opened contents should be used within 24hrs.
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