Hygain Recuperate Electrolyte & B Group Supplement

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Premium multi-nutrient paste formulated to aid in the rapid recovery of heavily exercised horses and horses under stress, promoting optimum performance and health. A unique and highly concentrated blend of quality B-group Vitamins, natural Vitamin E and critical electrolytes.

• Post Strenuous Exercise Recovery Supplement

• Highly Concentrated Source of B-Group Vitamins

• Critical Electrolytes For Optimal Performance

• Non-Invasive and Easy To Use

• Rapidly Metabolized and Digested

Active Constituents per 30ml dose

Sodium 3,100mg Vitamin B1 60mg
Magnesium 400mg Vitamin B2 63mg
Calcium 610mg Vitamin B3 270mg
Chloride 8,000mg Vitamin B6 50mg
Potassium 3,500mg Vitamin B12 12.5mg
Vitamin E 510 IU Folic Acid 8.1mg

Other ingredients include: Flavouring & Palatability Enhancers

HYGAIN® RECUPERATE® is suitable for all climates and conditions and levels of equine sports and disciplines.

HYGAIN® RECUPERATE®  can be administered orally over the tongue, added to horses drinking water or top dressed on feed.



Post intense exercise or competition
Post travel
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