Hygain Regain Rapid Electrolyte Replacer

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Formulated for horses to replace body salts lost during exercise, hot climatic conditions and as an aid in the treatment of dehydration, hypochloraemia and alkalosis.

  • 215g/kg Sodium
  • 468.5g/kg Chloride
  • 152g/kg Potassium
  • 17.25g/kg Magnesium

Active Constituents per 1000g

Sodium 215g
Chloride 468.5g
Magnesium 17.25g
Potassium 152 g
Calcium 6g

Other ingredients include: Flavouring & Palatability Enhancers

HYGAIN® REGAIN® is suitable for all climates and conditions and levels of equine sports and disciplines.

Pre race use of HYGAIN® REGAIN® will not contravene the rules of racing which prohibit the use of sodium bicarbonate or other alkalinaising agents prior to a race.

Dosage rates should be adjusted to meet requirements. It is preferable to feed daily requirements of REGAIN® over several feeds during the day. REGAIN® should be used in conjunction with a loose salt in the feed or a salt block. As a saline drench mix 60g of REGAIN® in 5 litres of water to treat dehydration and alkalosis.

Daily Dosage

Maintenance/Light Work
30g per day
Moderate/Heavy Work
60g per day
Intense Work/ Heavy Sweat Loss
90g per day
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