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Kelato Red Hot Paste 500g - 2.5Kg

RedHOT Paste is a bitter tasting paste which can be brushed onto surfaces to deter chewing, biting and windsucking by horses and other animals.

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RedHOT Paste can remain on surfaces for up to six weeks or may be lightly scrubbed off with soapy water if applied incorrectly. It is a safe and non-toxic formula.

RedHOT Paste is easy to use and includes a brush to apply to the desired area of deterrence.

RedHOT Paste:

-Is easy to use in a confined area.

-Can be used to deter other animals from chewing or biting…not just horses!

-Has a safe, non-toxic formula.


Key Ingredients (per g): Capsaicin 3.5mg

Available Sizes: 500gm; 2.5kg

Directions for use:

Brush over the surface you wish to protect with the supplied brush or a rag. Use gloves and avoid contact with eyes, nostrils or mucous membranes.

Please note RedHOT Paste contains oil of Capsaicin, which is a prohibited substance in the equine industry (racing and FEI).

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