Led Lenser P3 Torch


The Led Lenser P3 is just the right size for your pocket or purse. Lightweight, small but powerful with heaps of light. This torch will easily compare with torches three times the size using conventional light bulbs.

The small and compact P3 is the runt of the family of Led Lenser professional range of torches and offers an impressive 13 lumens of light intensity over an effective range of 43 metres. The P3 features a one-handed system for moving from a broad flood beam to a focused spot beam. A simple push or pull with the thumb on the head of the torch adjusts the beam to suit your application. Led Lenser LED torches are precision engineered for durability and reliable service. They are high performance, incredibly energy efficient, long lasting and provide more light output than much larger LED torches. Each torch features Led Lenser Advanced Focus System which provides for a stageless transition from a broad flood beam to a focused spot beam without the dark spots or rings associated with traditional focusing torches We use this torch ourselves as it only takes one AAA battery which can last up to 6 hours of burning time. And is comes with a great little nylon sheath to keep it on your belt.

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