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Olssons Cattle Tranz 150gr Tablet 8 Pack

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Cattle Tranz is a tablet containing a balanced array of essential minerals, glucose and fructose.

1 x 150 gram block treats approximately 200 liters of water.

Calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium are electrolytes needed for normal metabolism of an animal. It has being suggested through trialsthat stress in animals is the imbalance of these
electrolytes. Stress such as prolonged and continuous heat stress in animals in live export boats, animals being transported domestically over long and short distances, livestock walkinglong distances during musters, working horses, weaners in the yard during weaning or even sick animals, all suffer from stress.

Studies done in Australia have shown that supplementing cattle with electrolytes reduces glycogen loss and improved dressing percentage on cattle prior to slaughter. Electrolytes supplied in drink water can also markedly increase daily water intake.
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