ProfeSTART Electrolyte Powder 65gr Satchel


ProfeSTART ELECTROLYTE is a non-antibiotic isotonic energy and electrolyte supplement for calves, foals, lambs, kids, crias, piglets, dogs and cats. Suitable as a first feed for brought-in or stressed calves, lambs and pigs, and as a supplement for racing animals.

  • Formulated based on current veterinary research and manufactured using innovative ingredients
  • Tried, tested and proven across AUS
  • Unsurpassed product quality, performance and on-farm infant animal rearing support
  • Endorsed by leading professionals and specialists
  • Available from leading rural resellers nation wide


  • Application – convenient formulation; animals can be left on milk feeds; liquid or powder options
  • Performance – balanced formulation; quicker response and turnaround observed
  • Price – exceptional value vs. bicarb based alternatives

To be fed as a supplement in between whole milk or milk replacer feeds for infant animals. Suitable first feed for brought-in calves, lambs and pigs and as a supplement for racing animals. If the animal displays weak reflexes or refuses to drink, seek immediate veterinary advice.
All solutions should be consumed within 24 hours of mixing.


60g per 2L of clean drinking water; refer product label

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