Rapid Green Lawn Repair Seed & Lawn Starter 1KG

Rapid Green Lawn Repair is the ideal kit for repairing unsightly patches in your lawn, thickening up existing lawn or planting small areas of new lawn.

This Repair kit contains a combination of quality seed grasses and a high seed count. Each pack also contains 1 kg of starter fertilizer. Together, this guarantees that more seeds germinate, giving you a thick, lush, green lawn quicker.

Over-sows 40 sq meters on lawn or 20 sq meters of new lawn.

Quick & Easy Results in 7-10 Days
High Seed Count for superior results
Combines Seed & Lawn Starter

Seed Mixture By Count:

• 18% Perennial Ryegrass
• 12% Annual Ryegrass
• 5% Creeping Red Fescue
• 20%Kentucky Blue Grass
• 30% Bent Grass
• 15% Bermuda Couch Grass

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