Vetsense 4 in 1 Nutrilyte

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Designed for the performance horse, it combines the benefit of an electrolyte with a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.


Each 30g Conatains;


Minerals and

Amino Acids


Vitamin A  16,210iu

Vitamin D3 257iu

Vitamin E  138mg

Vitamin B1  88mg

Vitamin B2  86mg

Vitamin B6  37mg

Vitamin B12   210mcg

Nicotinic Acid  79mg

Calcium Pantothenate  36mg

Folic Acid   33mg

Vitamin C  166mg

I-Lysine HCI  50mg

dl-Methionine  50mg

Yeast  80mg

Selenium  45mcg

Copper  5mg

Zinc  21mg

Choline  107mg

Iodine  10mcg

Inositol  88mg

Rutin  18mg

Calcium  993mg

Magnesium  128mg

Phosphorus  615mg

Potassium  126mg

Sodium  1200mg

Chloride  1255mg

Sulphate  425mg

Bicarbonate  681mg

Rate of Use: (each scoop = 10g)

Mixed in with the feed.

Routine Use: 30g daily

During heavy work: 60g daily split 30g over two feeds.

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