2ml V-Vaximate Injector


From Instrument Supplies of New Zealand comes these tough automatic plastic vaccinator guns, V-Vaximate. Easy to use, well designed.

V-Vaximate Injector. Comfortable V-Grip design, Good for large hands and big vaccinating jobs.

1ml, 2ml & 5ml have the same attributes as the Vaximate. 10ml V injector is multi-function for injecting and drenching and has a lubricating felt washing for automatic re-lubrication, with easy to use Dial-a-Dose selector.

10ml suitable for cattle and sheep.

Selector doses 1ml, 2ml & 5ml is the same as the Vaximate. 1ml 0.1ml-1ml 0.1ml 2ml 0.2ml-2ml 0.2ml 5ml 0.5ml-5ml 0.5ml 10ml 1-10m in 1ml increments

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