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Apparent 2,4-D Amine Herbicide 20 Litres

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For the control of broadleaf weeds in fallow before direct drilling or sowing of cereals and pastures; and in cereal crops, pastures, sugar cane, peanuts and non agricultural areas as per the directions for use. This is a phenoxy herbicide that can cause severe damage to susceptible crops such as cotton, grapes, tomatoes, oilseed crops and ornamentals.

Active Ingredient: 625 g/L 2,4-D present as the Dimethylamine and Diethanolamine salts
Recommended Uses:
Apparent 2,4­D 625 Amine Selective Herbicide 625 may be used for selective post­emergent control of an extensive range of weeds in wheat, barley,
triticale, oats, cereal rye, millet, sugar cane, peanuts and pastures (including the spray­grazing technique).
Apparent 2,4­D 625 Amine Selective Herbicide 625 may also be used for knockdown control of broadleaf weeds before sowing cereals and pastures,
and in non­agricultural situations such as roadsides, rights­of­way, playing fields and industrial areas.
Product Benefits.
• Highly concentrated formulation means lower application rates, with more area treated from fewer containers;
• Does not leave any lasting soil residues that may limit subsequent crop or pasture rotations;
• A low cost herbicide that controls a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds;
• Ideal alternative herbicide for integrated weed management of wild radish in cereals;
• Wide application window in cereals (after 5 leaf/2 tiller stage through tillering up to jointing ­ usually from 8 to 14 weeks after sowing)
• Controls small vines and broadleaf weeds in sugar cane at the plant stage and when banding at the early ratoon stage;
• Suitable for high clearance and aerial application in mature sugar cane to prevent vine growth smothering
• Useful for 'Spray grazing' to maximise legume seed set in permanent pastures, and reducing seed set in pastures that precede broadacre

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