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Apparent Onslaught 200 (Fipronil) 1 Litre


For insecticide resistance management Apparent Onslaught Insecticide is a Group 2B Insecticide. Some naturally occurring insect biotypes resistant to Apparent Onslaught Insecticide and other Group 2B Insecticides may exist through normal genetic variability in any insect population. 

The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the insect population if Apparent Onslaught Insecticide or other Group 2B Insecticides are used repeatedly. The effectiveness of Apparent Onslaught Insecticide on resistant individuals could be significantly reduced. Since the occurrence of resistant individuals is difficult to detect prior to use. Apparent Pty Ltd. accepts no liability for any losses that may result from the failure of this product to control resistant insects.


Apparent Onslaught Insecticide may be subject to specific resistance management strategies. For further information contact your local supplier, Apparent Pty Ltd or local agricultural department agronomist

Please see specified in the directions for use table in the link below

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