Envu Antmaster Liquid Ant Bait 125ml (Previously Bayer)

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A liquid bait for the control of certain pest ants. Contains a sweet food source in a low dose bait that is effective against many common pest ants in indoor and outdoor situations.


Antmaster Liquid Bait is a ready-to-use sugar-based liquid bait formulation that requires no mixing or dilution prior to use. It can be used in various indoor or outdoor situations and is attractive to sugarfeeding ant species. Trials have demonstrated activity against black house ants, white footed ants and ghost ants. Since not all ants feed on sugary type foods this bait may not be attractive to certain
species of ants.

In some situations where very large multi-queened ant colonies are present, Antmaster will need to be used as part of an integrated ant management program, utilising suitably registered barrier surface sprays and/or direct nest treatment.