Heiniger Delta 3 Speed Cattle & Horse Clipper


DELTA 240V 3 SPEED ELECTRIC CLIPPER - The Professional Clipper in the Heiniger Range. 

This technically advanced three speed large animal clipper is light weight for ease of use by operator.

The first Cattle & Horse Clipper offers three clipping speeds, and allows simple and comfortable clipping even under tough and difficult conditions. 

Easy to maintain and designed to go the distance.

Incl. carry case, blades, screwdriver, oil, brush and 31F/23 blade set

Motor power: 180 Watts
Speed : 2100/2800/3200 dbs/min
Length: 310 mm
Weight: 1,32 kg
Noise emission: (LpAm) 72/75/78 dB (A)

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