Kelato Voltage Paste 32g, Herb and Amino Acid Energy Paste


Voltage Paste provides a quick energy source, providing herbs and amino acids for natural energy production, combating fatigue, and aiding with concentration and focus.  It is a 100% natural, drug-free, non-swabbable formula and does not contain caffeine. Use in accordance with competition rules and regulations.

Why do I need it?
–  Makes sure the horse is ready to start with the bell, first step or jump
–  Gives a spark to the sluggish starter
–  Ensures your horse gets the most usable energy possible when it’s working its hardest
–  Maintains red blood cell production at the highest levels so oxygen transport is kept high
–  Ensures glycogen is converted to useable energy quickly
–  Is presented as a convenient paste ready to administer

Amino Acids:
– Tyrosine
– Histidine
– Arginine
– Dimethyl glycine
– Go Tu Kola, a source of B group vitamins.

Natural Herbs:
– Contains a herbal extract that has been shown to fight fatigue, improve blood flow efficiency, and to neutralize acids in the blood stream.

–  apply a full tube of Voltage Paste 2-4 hours prior to event
–  Voltage Paste is applied directly to the back of the horse’s tongue.
–  Voltage Paste is regularly and safely used in conjunction with all Kelato Animal Health Products.

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