Leader HDX NLIS Orange Post Breeder Tags for Cattle


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Farmers from all states except Victoria can order these tags here. Victorian farmers must order these tags through their DPI If ordering tags for QLD please fax or email through your Queensland DPI authority to purchase tags. South Australia farmers must choose to add the SA government levy ($1.50)

This two-piece Leadertronic HDX ear tag for cattle is fully accredited under NLIS and NAIS (USA). The tag contains a 32mm HDX Transponder. There are currently over 12 million of these devices used on cattle throughout the world. Both the Male and Female components can be custom-marked using Laser Marking. The Female component is very readable as it text and numbers appear in a straight line. Dimensions 35mm high x 37mm wide Our Minimum order for this product is 25 - Tags Orders for less will not be processed.

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