Mr Crystal Concrete Tank & Trough Repair Kit


Easy Do it Yourself concrete repair with Mr Crystal. As used by the experts! Concrete Tanks, Pools, Troughs, Ponds, Pits, Cellars, Walls, Dips and of course concrete swimming pools. 

Used correctly, Mr Crystal will help you rejuvenate concrete structures for the retention of liquid by the formation of insoluble crystals in the capillary tracts of the concrete. Mr Crystal has a reputation of being a cost effective, successful product, easily used by landholders and giving vastly superior results in its field. Commonly, Mr Crystal is used to repair cracked concrete tanks, stock troughs, swimming pools etc, and is accepted as the easy, successful and permanent method. Safe for Drinking Water Tanks. 

Easy to use Cost effective Protects steel Reo Save hefty replacement costs You can do it! How Mr Crystal Works Mr Crystal is applied to the surface of the concrete. Within concrete are millions of tiny voids. Mr Crystal migrates through these voids by osmosis and capillarary action, generating in-soluble crystals as it travels. Mr Crystal is in fact a catalyst, which causes your existing concrete to grow in-soluble crystals. This means you have a large amount of material in the structure, which can generate in-soluble crystals without adding material that will expand cracks. Mr Crystal is stimulated by the by-products of your existing concrete and hydration. This means, each time water is present within the substrate, Mr Crystal will activate. How does it protect the reinforcement? Mr Crystal protects the reo in two ways. Firstly, it protects the reo from the elements by excluding water and air from reo tract. Secondly, Mr Crystal chemically protects the reo by restoring the alkalinity of the substrate thus reducing the acidity of the environment in which the reo is located. Limitations of the product Mr Crystal is designed to work on commercial grade concrete that has basic structural integrity. To achieve success with this product you must ensure that, structure is made of concrete containing building cement (commonly known as Portland cement). Movement must be controlled by adequate foundations and reinforcement and finally the structure must be treated according to the enclosed directions for use. 

Mr Crystal is an alkaline product. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection. If skin or eye contact occurs, wash immediately with clean water. Mr Crystal will not give off toxic fumes once mixed. In powder form, Mr Crystal may present harmful dust. Handle in well ventilated area in dry form. When working in confined spaces always make yourself aware of the dangers and practices. These are available through the worksafe or statutory authority in your state or territory Coverage 1 x 4kg bucket will treat 18 metres (60 feet) of crack or 40m square porous surface. Rule of thum: 4kg kit treats approx 1 x 10,000 gallon tank or 5 average troughs. Supplied in a 4kg bucket.

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