Skinning Knife 18cm 7"


F.Dick skinning knife part of Ergogrip range of quality butcher knives.

These F. Dick knives feature blades of superior quality, and a handle of solid plastic, giving unparalleled grip-tight control and comfort, significantly reducing hand and arm fatigue.

This ergonomic design features an extra wide thumb-rest and an elongated finger guard with slip brake.

Extensive laboratory and field testing has enabled DICK to develop a plastic handle with superior resistance to slippage.

Of course, its hot water proof and won't absorb fat or dirt.

The distinctive blue colour was selected for added safety as it contrasts with the hue of fresh meat.

Dick knives are manufactured from the alloy X45CrMoV15, containing chromium for wear resistance, molybdenum for corrosion resistance and carbon for hardness, and because only a sharp knife is a good knife, each Dick knife is hand sharpened and honed before it leaves the factory.

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