Solfac Duo Insecticide - 250ml


Solfac Duo is a new residual insecticide concentrate, specifically formulated for faster knockdown of your common pests. Solfac Duo has a unique dual mode of action, combining two powerful and effective residual insecticides; Imidacloprid and Beta-cyfluthrin to deliver much more effective control of pests. The synergistic effect of Imidacloprid amplifies the activity of the Beta-cyfluthrin so any insect exposed to the treatment is rapidly killed and not just repelled. 

Solfac Duo also has one of the lowest application rates of any insecticide, providing the ideal balance between performance and product safety. Solfac Duo is very safe to use and easy to mix up and spray. It can be used in various domestic, commercial, industrial, public buildings and facilities for long-lasting control of pests.

Product benefits:
• NEW insecticide formulation for highly effective
pest control
• Enhanced barrier protection and fast knockdown
• Excellent residual period for peace of mind
• Easy mixing rate and economical to use
• Odourless, non-irritant formulation
• Approved for indoor and outdoor use
• Unique dual mode of action reduces chances
of resistance and improves performance against
resistant strains
• Declared fit for use in export meatworks
(non-product areas)

Solfac Duo is highly effective against common pests including:

• Ants
• Cockroaches
• Crickets
• Mosquitoes
• Flies
• Millipedes
• Paper nest wasps
• Spiders
• Fleas
• Bedbugs
• Carpet beetles
• Clothes moths
• Silverfish
• Skin and hide beetles
• Stored product pests

Where can Solfac Duo be applied?

Intensive livestock areas
Apply onto external walls and internal surfaces (non-food areas) around piggeries, feedlots, dairies, meatworks and other industrial premises.

Animal areas and enclosures
Apply to external walls around stables, shearing sheds and directly onto small pet cages where control of spiders and fleas is important.

Around gardens
Use along pathways, under pot plants and in other garden areas to control spiders and ants.

External walls of the home and farm shed
Apply to walls and surfaces as an external perimeter treatment, targeting all potential entry points into the building.

Inside the home and farm shed
Suitable for application throughout the home for control of ants, cochroaches, bedbugs, fleas and spiders. For application onto carpet, use the non-porous surface rate for short pile carpet and the porous rate for long pile or shag carpet. Conduct a test patch first and allow to dry to ensure staining will not occur.

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