Stockstill - Super

  • Electronic animal restraining device that generates precise electrical pulses.
  • Acting on the nervous system, Stockstill “locks up” the skeletal muscles making the animal rigid. It is believed to have a blocking effect on pain signals to the brain.
  • Recovery is virtually instant and the animal appears to be unaware of operations performed while immobilized.
  • Stockstill can be used for most routine operations requiring restraint e.g. branding, earmarking, dehorning, spaying, castration, hoof trimming, assisted calving, replacing prolapses etc.
  • Output current is externally adjustable. Powered by a 6-volt torch battery.
  • Suitable for Cattle, Deer, Goat, Alpaca, Sheep, Emu & Ostrich.
  • Kit includes: Stockstill unit, output leads with 4 clips (2 spare), Y junction, needle spanner, spare needles, instructions and comes in a convenient carry case.
  • 12 months warranty
  • Spare parts available
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