The Whole Hog


This excellent new DVD shows Chef Peter Ford using a whole local hog to instruct you in the craft of nose-to-tail butchery.

Within this hands on instructional program, Peter demonstrates the process of slaughtering, skinning, eviscerating, preparing and butchering your hog for consumption. You will learn how to break down the hog into a wide variety of fresh meat cuts and prepare for bacon, sausages, leg ham, roasts, terrines, prosciutto and pancetta. Peter adds value to the butchering process by sharing with you his culinary skills. By participating in the butchering process you will be rewarded with fresh meat that you will value highly. As part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Peter continues to sell out a two day classes demonstrating hog butchery. With an infectious enthusiasm and passion for the sustainable use of food , The Whole Hog with Peter Ford is a must for all amateur butchers including farmers, hunters or those with a passion for food. DVD Running time 82 minutes Aspect ratio 16:9 Australian Production

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