Udderly EZ Milker for Cow


The Udderly EZ Cow & Miniature Cow Milker is the safest and most effective hand held, trigger-operated vacuum pump available.

The UDDERLY EZ MILKER was designed and tested over a five year research and development period with input from leading industry Professionals, Flock masters, Herdsmen, Veterinarians and Breeding Farm Managers from around the world. 

Ideal for the collection of colostrum and the milking of a family cow it is invaluable in the treatment of mastitis, and as an aid for someone not too experienced in hand milking. Very handy in the collection of colostrum for the newborn calves and for the collection and storing of colostrum. 

It is very possible to milk with just the hard plastic extractor tubes as they were designed that way. 

  • Cow Milker Kit includes: 
  • The Udderly EZ pump 2 sizes of extraction cylinders (#1 Small and #2 Large) 
  • 2 black rubber inserts (small and large) 
  • Bottle nipple 
  • Udder wipes 
  • 1 quart and 1 pint milk/colostrum collection bottles with caps 
  • Operation Manual

Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPffJllTOxI

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