Zoetis Dectomax V 500mL Injectable

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DECTOMAX V is an evolution from Dectomax which has been trusted and used across Australia for over 20 years. DECTOMAX V combines the trusted performance of doramectin, from Dectomax, with the added strength of levamisole.

DECTOMAX V is the first injectable ML/Levamisole combination product registered in Australia and provides a dual active killing power with unsurpassed efficacy against key parasites, including those often resistant to other single active drenches

Providing high efficacy, this broad spectrum parasiticide with new dual active technology is designed to kill the most damaging parasites, including resistant worms. Easy injectable administration results in highly reliable dosing. In addition to treating gastrointestinal worms, it also controls cattle tick & sucking lice.

Active Ingredients: Doramectin @ 5g/L & Levamisole Hydrochloride @ 150g/L

1 mL/25 kg of bodyweight by subcutaneous injection.

Do not exceed 10 mL at a single injection site. For cattle over 250 kg bodyweight, divide the dose so that no more than 10 mL is injected in one site. For example: a 300 kg animal requires a 12 mL dose which can be administered as 2 x 6 mL doses.


  • For the treatment and control of adult and L4 larval stages of gastrointestinal worms including both ML and levamisole resistant strains:
  • Small intestinal worm – Cooperia oncophora, Cooperia punctata, Cooperia pectinata, Cooperia surnabada
  • Barber’s Pole worm – Haemonchus placei
  • Brown stomach worm – Ostertagia ostertagi
  • Stomach hair worm – Trichostrongylus axei, Trichostrongylus longispicularis (adults only)
  • Nodule worm – Oesophagostomum radiatum (adults only)
  • Thin-necked intestinal worm – Nematodirus helvetianus (adults only)


For the treatment and control of sucking Lice (Linognathus vituli, Solenopotes capillatus) for up to 56 days


For the treatment and control of cattle tick (Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus) including SP, OP and amide resistant strains. Prevents the development of viable ticks for a period of 30 days

An injectable drench is deposited below the skin and absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Injectable drenches therefore achieve higher peak blood and tissue levels compared to pour-ons. Injectable drenches slow the development of resistance.16 Doramectin when injected achieves higher tissue concentrations than ivermectin and moxidectin.

Dectomax V was also compared to leading drenches in Australia and the results were outstanding with an overall mean efficacy of 99.8% across 13 studies18. However, two leading single active ML drenches used for comparison both showed results less than 95%, indicating a growing level of resistance to this drench class.

Dectomax V is packaged in a 500 mL amber glass bottle in a recyclable protective sleeve. It will also be available in a Victory pack, which includes 6×500 mL bottles and a metal injector. As with all ML-Levamisole products, it needs to be stored below 25 °C (air-conditioning).

DECTOMAX V is safe to use from 3 months of age and at all stages of pregnancy. DECTOMAX V has a 45-days broaching claim when stored according to label.

MILK WHP: Do not use in cattle during lactation or less than 60 days before calving when milk products are to be used for human consumption or processing.
RETREATMENT INTERVAL: Do not re-treat animals for 28 days after last treatment.

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